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Research Interest


Sustainable Supply Chain, Circular Economy,  Business Analytics, Information Systems, Visualization, Data Mining, Text Mining, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG).

1. Chang, A. J., El-Rayes, N., & Shi, J. (2022). Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain Management: A Comprehensive Review. FinTech, 1(2), 191-205.

2. El-Rayes, N., Fang, M., Smith, M., & Taylor, S. M. (2020). Predicting employee attrition using tree-based models. International Journal of Organizational Analysis.

3. Guo, Y. M., Klein, B. D., & El-Rayes, N. (2018). A big data perspective on the relationship between firearm laws and mass shootings: Data visualization approach. American Journal of Information Technology, 8(1), 2.

Conference Proceeding

1. El-Rayes, N., & Shi, J. (2022, Novermber). A Paradigm Shift for Addressing the Plastic Crisis: A Data-Driven Study. DSI Annual Meeting 2022. Houston, Texas, forthcoming, 2022.

2. El-Rayes, N., Abraham, T., & Dao, V. T. (2022). Bibliometric Analysis of Sustainability Information Systems Research. AMCIS 2022. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

3. El-Rayes, N., & Shi, J. (2022, April).  Plastic Crisis: A Business Data-Driven study on the Evolution of its Practice and Research. NEDSI 2022. Newark, New Jersey.

4. El-Rayes, N., & Shi, J. (2021, October). Crisis of Plastic: Business Implications from Data Analytics. INFORMS Annual Meeting 2021. Anaheim, California.

Chair of one of the Analytics sessions on October 27.

5. Bharati, R., El-Rayes N. (2021, May). Sentiment analysis of Twitter feed for hashtags related to remote working. WID (Women in Data Science). Virtual: Stanford University and IBM-NY. (Invited to present).

6. Kocoglu, I., Rhee, S., & El-Rayes, N. (2021, March). Opening Paths to Student Satisfaction and Success: Can Open Educational Resources Help?. KeanUniversity's OER Conference.

7. El-Rayes, N., & Rhee, S. (2021, March). An Alternative Approach for Diversity Training based on Visualization analysis on Social Media Data. In Proceedings of Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI) Annual Conference Proceedings.

8. Rhee, S., Salaman, B., & El-Rayes, N. (2020, February). Diversity training: Is it a goal-oriented action or just a business? Southeast Decision Sciences Institute (SEDSI) Conference

9. Taylor, S., El-Rayes, N., & Smith, M. (2020, January). An Explicative and Predictive Study of Employee Attrition Using Tree-based Models. In Proceedings of the 53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

10. Prepared and presented a study on the "Competitiveness of I.T. in the Middle East" at the (IAMOT) conference in Orlando-Florida in April 2009.

11. Prepared and presented a study on the "Degree of Economic freedom in the Middle East" at (IAMOT) conference in Dubai in April 2008.

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